Be inspired

Do you like the idea of taking part, but need a bit of inspiration? Then have a browse here. The GoldenDays scrapbook is a great place to share your memories from the last 50 years. But if you don't have any memorabilia you can still take part, because it's also a growing record of everyday life in the AONB today. Click on the cards below for suggestions, ideas and examples. We'd love to hear from you or your group.

Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor ?
There are lots of people keeping tradtional local trades alive. Tell us about what you do...
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Shop local
Do you meet neighbours in the village shop, or enjoy the buzz of a local market? Then tell us more...
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Walk and talk
Favourite walk you'd like to share?
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Trafalgar Square, we're not there !
What can you see, hear or smell in the AONB which you would miss in London?
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A day in the life
Share a typical day, or a day you'll never forget...
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Wise words
What would you like to pass on to the next generation?
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The future's bright
Feel like the future’s ahead of you? Try to imagine yourself looking back when you reach 50.
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Do you know an AONB hero ?
Do you know someone who helps keep the AONB special?
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