Brixton community gets involved


From : Liz Hitchins

Brixton Parish Council invited the AONB unit to give a talk about opportunities in the AONB’s 50th year. Sarah Scaife, one of the AONB 50th Anniversary Project Officers, filled them in and within a few weeks local volunteers were planning a varied series of activities with AONB support.

Local people organised and enjoyed:

  1. -A specially researched night of poetry and folk song with a landscape theme. Read some of the poetry on this site: Graham Searle's poetry
  2. -An exhibition of photographs, maps, documents and other memorabilia recording the changes in the AONB in Brixton over the past 50 years
  3. -A project to record the voices of about ten people who have known the area for 50 years
  4. -A cross-generational project with the primary school. Children made school ‘wet felt’ shoes and went on a welly-walk in the AONB. This walk was open to local people and featured a local resident who talked about the last 50 years with the children and the changes including flora and fauna – the children linked these activities to art work, poetry and story telling.
  5. -A get-together of people/families who live in or known Brixton over the last 50 years to share thoughts and memories
  6. -And a lively new Brixton History Group

The whole programme was a great success, bringing together people of all ages across the viillage.

That pump priming money from the AONB just made all the difference. It was a real boost. Without it we couldn’t have done most of what we did. This year we’re going to apply to the Feoffee Trust for some money.”

Liz Hitchins, Brixton History Group

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Brixton community gets involved

Here's more feedback from people who organised the Brixton programme:

  • -‘confirmed interest of people in Brixton goes deep’
  • -'well attended'
  • -‘several people came [back specially] who had moved away’
  • -‘showed a real interest in history’
  • -‘the Community walk brought the School and the school children in’
  • -‘good social event’
  • -‘all within 50 years so we knew the people in it [the photo display]’
  • -younger adults got involved with the new Brixton History group (which is mainly older people)
  • -helped to link Brixton with the AONB group in nearby Yealmpton
  • -led to the formation of a lively new Brixton History Group which now meets every two months

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