Caring for your Traditional Home short course

Kingsbridge Community College’s 6th Form Centre

From : Sam at the AONB

There are many significant features and special qualities to the AONB: some are fairly easy to put your finger on such as the 5 ria estuaries; the undulating patchwork of agricultural fields and the network of Devon hedges while others are less tangible such as tranquillity.  One prominent group of features that forms a significant part of the AONB landscape are the traditional homes and buildings that make our villages, hamlets, farmsteads and market towns so picturesque.

The contribution made by owners of these homes and buildings plays an important role in securing a positive future for the AONB landscape. With this in mind the AONB put on a short course based on caring for your traditional & historic properties, over the winter months of 2010-2011. This well attended series was aimed at furthering our understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by the appropriate care and management of traditional buildings.

There where 8 talks in total. The first talk introduced people to building types & the importance of maintenance. The remaining 7 talks where based on a certain aspect of caring for your home, covering the topics; thatch, slates, lime mortar, stone walls, cob, windows & doors and energy performance.

We would like to thanks Linda Watson, Associate Professor in Archaeology at the University of Plymouth, for bring to life the materials and skills associated with our traditional buildings.

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Caring for your Traditional Home short course

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