Wonderful Wembury Walk


From : Wembury Primary School

Year 5 pupils at Wembury Primary School worked with the AONB team to design and test this downloadable walk. The project was great fun. The 9 and 10 year olds learned a lot about place, digital media technology and information writing too. Their walk shows off the best of the village.

In the children's own words,

"The tour will take you around the vigorous village, the charming church, the beautiful beach and the super stables. The walk starts and finishes outside the primary school. It will take you about one and a half hours if you do not stop or shop. Enjoy your walk."

Click on the DOWNLOADS link on the right to get your printable copy of the trail.

Sound world of Wembury

Working with Soundart Radio 102.5fm and the AONB, the children went on to record a vivid and imaginative sound picture of village life in Wembury in 2011. 

The audiotrail piece blends words from the written trail, interviews with local people and sounds you might hear on the walk. You'll meet people including the school receptionist, a dinner lady, the verger of the church, a waiter at the old Millstone cafe and Rosie the hairdresser.

Listen to the delightful results using the AUDIO CLIPS player on this page. The sound piece lasts 22 minutes.


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