Life and landscape No.1: Farming

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Listen in to hear the joys and challenges of farming in the stunning countryside mosaic of South Devon. In this programme you will hear about barley and  bees, honey and the harvest tea, tractors and chillies, orchards and potatoes...

One of the voices is farmer Richard Foss from Start Point, who is also Chairman of the AONB Partnership Committee (main picture, right). He says “I was very pleased to share my memories, there have been massive changes over the past few decades and these recordings will help to capture what life was really like for people earning a living in a variety of ways.”

Life and landscape series

This programme is part one of a series, ‘Life and landscape in the South Devon AONB.’ The series captures the story of changing times since the 1960s. The story is told in the voices of local people who live or work in the AONB, including farmers, fishermen, scientists, artists and local historians. 'Part 1: Farming' was first broadcast on Saturday 26 March 2011. It lasts for half an hour.

Recording fieldwork

To make these programmes the AONB teamed up with Soundart 102.5FM, the licensed community radio station for Totnes and the surrounding villages:

Artist and photographer David Harbott documented the recording fieldwork. His subtle portraits reflect some of the personalities and places brought to life by Soundart Radio.

David says “I’ve been so impressed by the depth of involvement people have with their landscape. I hope some of that connection comes through in the photographs.”

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Life and landscape No.1: Farming

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