Holbeton Orchard Day


From : Nicky AONB

During September and October this year, Nicky Bailey from the AONB team and Penny Callcut from the village, went into Holbeton Primary School to work with the children from the foundation stage and Year 1.

The project was to look at the orchard and think about the habitats and communities that lived there. To help the children understand, we made Fairies and Boggarts which were going to make their homes amongst the trees. We talked about what they needed to survive, how they needed to be safe and what they may eat. There are some pictures of the fairies on this page, along with the design sheets the children completed.

We went out for a walk around the Orchard to choose the fairy and Boggart homes and to draw a map of the site. The children also made up names for their fairy houses and marked them onto the map.

On the 16th October we held a Village Orchard Day which was attended by around 200 people. It was a gorgeous sunny day and everyone had fun following the Fairy Trail and finding our Boggarts and Fairies. There was also fresh apple juice made with an Apple Press, yummy cakes, apple identification, apple bobbing and the planting of a new fruit tree.

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Holbeton Orchard Day


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