Life and landscape No.2: Transport

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From : Soundart Radio 102.5FM

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Listen in to get a feel for the story of changing transport in the AONB. From walking the green lanes to local bus journeys, ferries to steam railways, there were many ways to get around before the car took over. Some are gone but others, like the network of local ferries, are going strong.

Local voices

The story is mostly told in the voices of local people who live or work in the AONB. The people you hear include a business man, a bus engineer, a Harbour Master, a transport historian, a footpath champion and a retired farmer.

In the programme Adele Rennells recalls walking part of the South West Coast Path recently: "We were at Noss Mayo. You see the ferryman coming and think he'll be here any minute... and then he disappears up another creek to pick up some more people who are waiting. That was quite an education for me. I didn't realise it was such a big job for him."

Life and landscape series

This programme is part two of a series, ‘Life and landscape in the South Devon AONB.’ The series captures the story of changing times since the 1960s. 'Part 2: Farming' was first broadcast on Saturday 2 April 2011 on Soundart Radio 102.5fm, the licensed community radio station for Totnes and the surrounding villages: Soundart 102.5FM

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Life and landscape No.2: Transport

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