Life and landscape No.4: the river, the estuary, the sea...

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You're never far from rivers, estuaries and the sea in the South Devon AONB. Listen in to this programme to hear a fascinating range of people who's lives are connected to these local waters. You'll hear voices including a harbour master, an oyster farmer, an artist, a marine botanist, a restauranteur and a canoe adventurer.

Life and landscape series

This programme is part four of a series, ‘Life and landscape in the South Devon AONB.’ The series captures the story of changing times since the 1960s. 'Part 4: the river, the estuary, the sea' was first broadcast on Saturday 16 April 2011. It lasts for half an hour.

Recording fieldwork

To make these programmes the AONB teamed up with Soundart Radio 102.5FM, the licensed community radio station for Totnes and the surrounding villages:

Artist and photographer David Harbott documented the recording fieldwork.

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Life and landscape No.4: the river, the estuary, the sea...

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