Modbury Wildflower Mapping


From : Nicky - AONB

Over 100 people took part in our wildflower mapping project in Modbury over the Spring of 2010.  There was a Wildflower walk and identification workshop, followed by a survey period. Then we got together to collate the results and some people made scrapbook pages of their recordings.

The results were sent off to the national Wildflowers Count survey, organised by Plantlife. Everyone who took part learned lots about wildlfowers in their patch, both from us as well as each other!

Each class from the primary school also took part in sessions to learn more about how flowers work and their lifecycles. The year six group also went out and surveyed Runaway lane and Cottlass lane. It was a fantastic day and the class enjoyed being out in the sunshine after all of their hard work at the end of the Summer term.

Thansk to everyone for taking part!

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Modbury Wildflower Mapping


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