Photo scanning day uncovers Holbeton history

Holbeton parish

From : Penny Calcutt for Holbeton parish AONB group

Villagers in Holbeton and the surrounding parish took the opportunity to share their photos of local life at a scanning day organised by the Holbeton AONB group with support from the South Devon AONB unit.

We were busy all day as more and more peope came through the community centre door with their collections. We numbered each image and noted down any details we could about the photos - who, what, where and when. This paper catalogue is now stored in the village.

Cataloguing volunteer needed

Penny Calcutt would like to thank all those who came along. There is now a huge but fascinating job of cataloguing all this infomation into a computer database. If you'd like to help she'd love to hear from you...!

Links to more scanned in Holbeton, on this site

Holbeton scans 2

Holbeton scans 3

Holbeton WI book and documents

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