Resident weathers the storm!


From : Sam at the AONB

When a storm ripped apart almost the whole village of Hallsands in 1917, one woman refused to leave. The village's natural shingle beach defence was dredged out to create a new navel dock in Plymouth. When storms hit, Elizabeth Prettyjohn’s house was the only house of twenty four that was left inhabitable. She continued to live there, as the sole resident, for over 40 years!

We’ve found two great little videos featuring Elizabeth Prettyjohn that we wanted to share with you. The videos are called Derelict Village and Deserted Village. They are from the archive of footage owned by British Pathé and can be viewed on their websites (click the links above).

More about the story of Hallsands can be found over on the South Devon AONB website.

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Resident weathers the storm!

The stretch of coast around Hallsands is still under threat from coastal erosion. To find out more have a look on The Slapton Line Partnership’s website.

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