Strete Then and Now photographs


From : Blackawton with Strete History Group (BASH)

Can you match these Then and Now photographs put together in Strete by the local history group in 2010?

BASH covers the parishes of Blackawton and Strete. Here's a link to their own website: BASH

How about trying this idea yourself. You'll need some old photographs or postcards of spots within the South Devon AONB and a digital camera. We'd love to see the results, so please send your Then and Now photos in to Goldendays: Take part


See BASH's Blackawton scenes here: Blackawton Then and Now

Feeling arty or adventurous? Have a look at this  unusual website for inspiration to take the Then & Now idea a bit further: Dear Photograph 

(Thanks to artist and photographer David Harbott for recommending Dear Photograph.) 

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Strete Then and Now photographs

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