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It all adds up

Go, on dig something out and send it in! However trivial it may seem to you, it will be an important part of the bigger GoldenDays 50th anniversary AONB archive. If you really have no local stories of your own then talk to someone who does. It could be a good way to get to know a neighbour, friend or relative a bit better.

What can go on the website?

We’re collecting more or less anything which helps tell a story about life in this nationally significant landscape since the sixties. You can send in digital items of all kinds. For example this could be a scanned image or digital photograph, a word document, a digital sound recording or a mini film made on your mobile.

If you don’t use this sort of new technology how about getting together with a friend or relative who does. The AONB Unit also have some kit for groups to borrow.

Here’s an A to Z of things you might scan, photograph or record to help tell your stories:

  • A Awards and certificates
  • B Bills with a story behind them
  • C Club membership cards
  • D Diary entries
  • E Empty seed packets
  • F Favourite spots to walk, relax or fish
  • G Green lane gatherings
  • H Hedgerow harvests – family recipes for brews and concoctions from nature’s larder
  • I Invitations, interviews
  • J Jam / jpegs - photos
  • K Kid’s artwork or writing
  • L Letters and postcards
  • M Mini-films made on your mobile phone
  • N Newspaper clippings
  • O Orchard observations
  • P Poems, posters of village events
  • Q Quotes
  • R Recipes, rhymes and sayings
  • S Sketches, shopping lists
  • T Tickets, tools your grandparents used
  • U Under the bed or Up in the attic –forgotton treasures!
  • V Views
  • W Wildlife sightings and notes
  • X X marks the spot – maps of your perfect places in the AONB
  • Y Yachting memorabilia
  • Z Zzzzzz bee keeping, honey and flowers

These are just suggestions. You may have other things. If it’s local to the AONB, and you can e-mail it, and it helps tell a story, send it in!

IMPORTANT We’re only collecting digital copies. Please don’t send any paper originals.

How to add to the scrapbook

Group effort

If you are a good organiser, or already part of a club or community, how about teaming up to send something in as a group. We’d love to hear from schools, brownies, pubs, playgroups, young farmers, residential homes, local history societies, diving clubs, Women’s Institutes, cricket teams. Maybe you could set up an AONB GoldenDays project as a way to attract a few new members too. We can lend digital equipment to your group too.

Use the button at the top of this page to Add to the scrapbook.

The button takes you to a short step by step guide. Follow this to upload things from your computer and into the scrapbook. You'll have the chance to tell us about what you are sending, where it’s from, which scrapbook theme it fits and why it’s interesting. We'll also need your contact details.

Once you hit Submit your content will go to the site editors to be published. Come back in a couple of days and see it there for all the world to share. We won’t publish your contact details

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