The Evening Grace

From : Graham Searle

For my friend Father David Arnott - a poem that evokes the peace I find as the sun sets…


Give me the grace of evening at the end of a working day;

Walking the fresh turned furrow, may the sweet life here ever stay…

When the lark rises into the sunset and the music flows luscious and free;

For the song of the earth is precious and thus is the farm-hand's plea

That the peace of a Devon gleaming may be for our children to know.

In the care of an ancient landscape, may passion and freedom flow;

In the name of the oldest honour a promise is quietly made

That the hideous march of progress may wither and tumble and fade.

For the pylons are ever striding and the rivers are stained with greed;

The soil is laden with venom, for profit has been decreed.

The chimneys pour out their odours; the oil rides the old, old seas;

The forests grow ever smaller with the felling of noble trees.

So here with the crows' sharp calling, here in this treasured place,

May an old man fulfil his calling and be granted the longed-for grace.


© Copyright Graham Searle


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The Evening Grace

Above - Graham performs at the AONB 50th Anniversary birthday party, Kinsgbridge Show, 2010


In a later 50th anniversary project this poem was set to music. Follow this link to hear the results: Beauty to Treasure
Graham Searle has recorded a selection of his poetry on CD and produced an accompanying booklet. For details of CD and book & ordering please contact him directly by e-mail:

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