Four Soundscapes: Slapton evacuees remember

Slapton, Blackawton, Strete

From : Ian Phillips for BASH

During the second world war the beaches, farms and villages around Start Bay were comandeered as a training ground for thousands of British and American soldiers. Much of the area was cleared to make way for this TOP SECRET operation. Local people had just six weeks to leave their homes.

Listen to four soundscapes recorded, edited and produced by Ian Phillips. This is vivid, living history, etched into these childrens' memories for the rest of their lives.  

Part 1: Before the war (approx 7 minutes long)

Part 2: Start of war (2 minutes)

Part 3: The evacuation (12 minutes)

Part 4: Return to the villages (9 minutes)

Recorded, edited and produced by Ian Phillips for the AONB.

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