Two talks on fishing out of Salcombe


From : Sam at the AONB

We’ve got two leaflets here in the AONB office containing personal histories of fishing out of Salcombe harbour since the 1960s. They’re both based of talks and seem to be a direct transcription. They are a great read so we’ve put them online for you to download and read yourself.

Here are a few quotes;

“I’ve caught monkfish which had swallowed a gull and been unable to dive due to the buoyancy of the gull. One angler who managed to gaff a similar monkfish in the harbour swore that inside the fish was the same gull which had stolen his sandwiches the day before!”

“The unique thing about this boat was that it had a vivier. A watertight false floor meant that the bottom of the boat could be flooded to keep the catch alive for weeks.”

“To be a crabber you really just need to be strong in the arm and weak in the head – even scallopers have to be able to count to 12!”

Help us out

There is a bit of a mystery around these leaflets! We know that the Commercial Fishing in Salcombe Harbour was based on a talk given by Geoff Foale, but we don’t who gave the other talk or who made either of the leaflets. If you know who it was get in touch so we can give them the credit they deserve.

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