Vintage caravan fun and a packing list to share

Beesands, Salcombe, Start Point

From : Sarah, Totnes

We love camping in the AONB. A vintage caravan adds to the fun, rain or shine. One of our favorite sites is near Beesands. From there we can get to a wide range of beaches and bays. There's so much variety, from the fantastic open air cafe overlooking Salcombe to the much more wild coves down green lanes, like the one below Start Point. Here's a picture of our caravan. For anyone who's a bit of a buff it's a Cheltenham Sable 1968. At first we used to argue and get stressed when we were trying to pack. Getting to ready to go off takes a bit of organising. We've got it down to a fine art now with a Caravan Packing List. We try to keep it to a minimum but it still seems a lot of stuff. Makes me think of other parts of the world where people live without much at all. I wonder what other families take on camping holidays? Here's our list so you can compare, or borrow it if you don't have one!

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Vintage caravan fun and a packing list to share


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