Weather, wildlife and the seasons

The AONB ranges from wild and rugged coast to rolling farmland. It is an exciting and varied landscape with an incredible range of habitats. Animals make their homes in salt marshes, reed beds and eelgrass, hedge banks, oak woodlands and coastal grasslands. Time, waves and weather have created some amazing geology from sea arches, wave-cut platforms, crags and cliffs to dunes, shingle ridges and mudflats.

Do you have a weather or wildlife story of your own?

There's plenty of space in this scrapbook and we'd love to hear from you: Take part

Mary Timmis's wildlife diary
Mary Timmis's wildlife diary »
Lynne Kenderdine, wildlife champion
Sound archive: Lynne Kenderdine, wildlife champion »
Gerald Boalch, marine scientist and seaweed expert
Sound archive: Gerald Boalch, marine scientist »
Lines on the Landscape: wildlife writing
Lines on the Landscape: wildlife writing »
Dark Skies Campaign
Help to keep our Dark Skies »
Brixton Birds
Brixton Birds »
Resident weathers the storm!
Resident weathers the storm! »
Ten Estuary Tales No. 5: Wildlife
Expert Dr Gerald Boalch talks about athe watery world of... »
Life and landscape No.4: the river, the estuary, the sea...
Listen and enjoy wide ranging watery reflections »
Classic Landscape
Classic Landscape Photography Competition »
RIVER - art, science and inspiration
Children deepen their learning in a joint project »
Don't overlook the insect life
Insect life is easy to overlook »
Children talk about trees
Children talk about trees »
Modbury Wildflower Mapping
Community project to map wildlfowers in Modbury »
Summer Weave
Creating a Summer Weave with children from Modbury... »
East Prawle in the snow
East Prawle in the snow »
Autumn's Big Draw at Sharpham Apple day
Celebrating autumn and the Big Draw at Sharpham »
Children explore the Yealm estuary in spring
Explore the Yealm estuary »

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