Dark Skies Campaign

Skies across the AONB

From : Roger English at the AONB unit

The moon and the stars no longer come to the farm.  The farmer has exchanged his birthright in them  for the wattage of his all-night sun. His children will never know the blessed dark of night.

Leslie Peltier, astonomer, in his autobiography Starlight Nights

When night falls we all reach for the light switches and have become accustomed to seeing street lights flicker into life. When did you last take the time to stop and look up at the Milky Way?

Still on this shining night

Natural nightscapes and dark night skies are one of the defining special qualities of the South Devon AONB. The starlit skies of this rural area are of natural, cultural and scenic importance. But today there is more and more artificial lighting, much of it overpowered and poorly directed. 

The good news is Light pollution, unlike many other forms of pollution, is completely reversible. We all have the power to make sure that South Devon keeps its natural nightscapes and beautiful dark night skies.

We walk up the beach under the stars.  And when we are tired of walking, we lie flat on the sand under a bowl of stars.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh (aviator, b. 1901)

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Dark Skies Campaign

You can help

There AONB unit is campaigning and advising on the issues. For example careful placing of angled outdoor lighting can make a difference. If you love tranquil night skies then see what you can do to help as well as three downloadable fact sheets on the main South Devon AONB website: Dark Skies & Natural Nightscapes.

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