Answers to 50th Anniversary Quiz

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From : South Devon AONB staff

Here are the answers to the quiz...

1. What is an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’?
b. a living landscape recognised as a national treasure by the UK government

2. This part of the world was made an AONB on 2nd August 1960. How much did a pint of milk cost then?
a. 8d (3.3p)

3. Which of these is a tasty local cheese?
a. Stinking Bishop. NO. This is a cheese, but it is produced in Gloucestershire.
b. Ticklemore Goats YES
c. Chasemore Cows NO. This is just a joke!

4. What might you see off the AONB coast?
a. basking sharks

5. Which of these is a local cider apple?
a. Granfer’s Gin NO. This is just a joke!
b. Tremlett’s Bitter YES
c. Quercus Beer NO. (But this is a microbrewery in Kingsbridge.)

6. Which two of these countryside skills are alive and well in the AONB?
a. hedge laying and thatching YES
b. scything and stook-making NO. Stooks (sheafs) are no longer hand made.
c. crofting and fiddle-making NO. These skills are found in the Scottish highlands

7. The AONB covers 130 square miles. In 2010 how much of this is farmed?
a. A huge 84%

8. Which of these calendar customs is found in the AONB?
a. Penny Hedge in May. NO. But it happens in Whitby, a fishing port in the North East of England.
b. Wassailing in deep winter. YES A custom to encourage orchards to fruit. It includes pouring cider into the roots of the apple trees.
 c. Burning the Bartle in August. NO. But it happens in West Wilton, a village in Wensleydale.


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Answers to 50th Anniversary Quiz

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