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1. What is an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’?
a. a place where the locals are reputed be very pretty
b. a living landscape recognised as a national treasure by the UK government
c. a beautiful crag which sticks out into the sea

2. This part of the world was made an AONB on 2nd August 1960. How much did a pint of milk cost then?
a. 8d (3.3p)
b. 24d (10p)
c. 7/- (35p)

3. Which of these is a tasty local cheese?
a. Stinking Bishop
b. Ticklemore Goats
c. Chasemore Cows

4. What might you see off the AONB coast?
a. basking sharks
b. blue whales
c. giant squid

5. Which of these is a local cider apple?
a. Grandmother’s Gin
b. Tremlett’s Bitter
c. Quercus Beer

6. Which two of these countryside skills are alive and well in the AONB
a. hedge laying and thatching
b. scything and stook-making
c. crofting and fiddle-making

7. The AONB covers 130 square miles. In 2010 how much of this is farmed?
a. 84%
b. 10%
c. 33%

8. Which of these calendar customs is found in the AONB?
a. Penny Hedge in May.
b. Wassailing in deep winter
c. Burning the Bartle in August

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Know-all or novice? Try the 50th Anniversary Quiz

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