Yealmpton WI record local memories


From : Chris Burtt

Local historians have joined up with the Women's Institute in an active programme to collect memories in and around Yealmpton. You can hear some of the results by using the audio clips player on this page (below right).

The group also launched a new website for the history of the village: Yealmpton History

Financial support as part of the AONB 50th Anniversary HLF project was something of a catalyst to Chris Burtt, who with Parish Council support, formed an AONB group in the village during 2010.  Following on from the memories, other projects are planned for future years.

The group would like to thank Don Chaffe, Eve Rossiter, Edna Cawse and Molly Ellis for sharing their memories, as well as WI members for all their hard work on this project.

Local connections

In a nice connection, Chris was the first speaker for the new Brixton History Group, further down the River Yealm. There's more about AONB activities in Brixton parish here: Brixton History Group

Here is the URL in case this link to Yealmpton History is broken:


This is not the first time WI members have taken an active role as local history makers. You might also be interested in a page about the WI in Holbeton on this site: WI book sums up the 1960s

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Yealmpton WI record local memories

Audio Clips

Photo: Hens and wildlife in Edna Cawse's family orchard, Yealmpton

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